And we're live!

And we’re live. The website is live, the social medias are live, the crowdfunding is live. This is all so exciting! I can’t believe this first step is happening! I’m so unbelievably excited. The crowdfunding video was edited together by my good friend Dan Hearn so it’s a huge shout out to him. Thank you so much.

I’ve slaved away at this for a good while now and it’s slowly been reaching the tipping point of where I can’t get any further unless I go public. And here we are, presenting ourselves to the world, ready to be judged. 

The goal of the organisation is to attempt to provide not just coaching to the players but an arm round the shoulder, social assistance and advice in times of need. It’s what a lot of these youths need, they don’t have direction and we feel as an organisation we can go some way to providing that. The youths we help most of the time are on their own, parents are working ridiculous hours to provide for them so much so parenting takes a back seat. Me and Andy have seen this and want to step in and step up to try and provide something similar. We know we can’t replace parents no one can but we can provide assistance and advice to those who need it. We give it if they need or ask for it and all we ask in return is for commitment to the club and organisation. So far it has all gone well but now we need to expand and we can’t do that without some support, we will continue to funnel our own money into it but we need the donations to make the next step of expansion. That’s where you come in, I hope you can help and in turn help them. Please get in touch if you can help with any expertise you may have.

Thanks and see you on the next one.

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