Thanks for everything!

So we have started our mission. In between seeing people and finding a place to live we have started finding teams of local children to teach and other local NGO’s to help out at. Due to this it has become difficult in regards to finding the time to actually sit down and write, which is an incredibly important part. I need to build the story of this organisation as it flourishes. The amount of interest that has been shown in the weeks of being here is astounding. We have gone from 2 days a week to 5 days a week with more on the horizon. A highlight of the week is going to a local province just over the river and coaching adults + children in conjunction with another local NGO. We had our first session with them the other day after a night of rain. The pitch we work in on is a local patch of grass outside of a pagoda. To put it lightly, if it was the premier league it would be called off. To put it heavily, you could swim in it which I and many of our players did.  We also share the field with some cows so playing in barefoot meant we stepped in some cow dung, no worries as it is meant to be a good moisturiser. The session runs for 2 hours and we are greeted and seen off to the ferry by the local village children. It is so lovely to see so much joy in the eyes of the children all because of a universal love of football. We just hope that we can have that love grow and blossom in front of us.

The money you have donated has gone to paying for the sessions in the city and a whole set of branded equipment. 20 balls, 20 bibs with our name on and 40 cones. The use and enjoyment these balls will get in the coming months, years is uncountable so I can only thank you for what you have provided.

Now that my internet is slowly getting set up and my house is slowly being sorted we can begin our social media campaign once more and attempt to gather followers and post pictures so that you can see the work we are doing.

Many thanks