Tournaments are running!

It has been a busy couple of weeks meeting other heads of NGOs and owners of local football fields and general coaching. It was nice to get back to basics on Saturday and just watch a full day U-13s tournament. These tournaments are going to become a regular occurrence; the last three Saturdays of every month will be taken up by a u-14’s, u-16’s and u-18’s. It is an idea a local pitch owner had for children and teams to have a target to aim towards. So children can practice for three weeks or so and then join a tournament. As you may forget that there is no Sunday league here. People don’t go to train and then have a guaranteed game on the Sunday. There is no target for anything they are learning whereas now there is. I hope that these tournaments can last into the future.

Unfortunately, due to a lack of preparation on our part we had neither team nor uniform to put forward for this month’s tournaments. However, I went to watch and see the children play. It was an intense day of matches which included a semi-final of brother against brother, penalties for 3rd place, thunderstorms and a shock loss to the favourites in a dead rubber group match. All in all, it was an exciting and good experience for the children which they would not have had otherwise. As these tournaments continue, I hope that F4K can join and give our players the same learning experience.  This weekend is U-16s which should have some slightly more evenly matched teams. The issue with the u-14s is that some teams seemed to have some very small children who hadn’t had their first growth spurt yet whereas others were seemingly on their last growth spurt – it led to some rather lopsided games in terms of height and score!

I will again this Saturday to watch and perhaps take notes so that I can write a full match report of the final for our avid readers.

Enjoy the photos.