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First post. Wow here we go...

Last summer my father and i went travelling to S.E Asia. From this experience I fell in love. The beauty of the two countries we traveled (Thailand and Cambodia) was astounding. If you get the chance even for two weeks just go. Up sticks and go.

I have been very fortunate in my life to have had the opportunity to travel to many incredible places including but not all Morocco, Australia, America, Corsica, Paris, Ischia. All of which were incredible. However travelling around Thailand and Cambodia just blew most of those out the water. I can't really explain it to be honest, but if you go you'll know. The people,environment, landscape, cost, accommodation is all perfect. When we were travelling around Thailand i couldn't believe my eyes but when we went to Cambodia i could not believe my heart. We were only in Cambodia for a week and a half. When we left my heart just ached for it.

There is so much potential in the country. After their horrific past they have banded together and bounced back and are only going to get better, albeit they do have some downsides such as the communist government and the healthcare. Some could say they are pretty big downsides! For me that's nothing it's just a small blip in a much bigger field.

What else do I want to say? Do i sound too gushing of Cambodia so far? Hang on i don't want people reading this to suddenly go fill up my country! It's appalling, smells and everyone is rather small so you'll hit your head on everything.

When I came back from travelling i knew what i had to do. This was huge for me, as previously i didn't know what i wanted in my life but i knew on my road that going back to that country was part of it. In the past 9 months i have worked one job then two then back to one now to none. This hard work has now accumulated into one date. The date of my leaving the 20th May. I have in this time learnt to be an English teacher so when i get out there i can support myself. I just need to do my practical part now to become a fully fledged teacher with my piece of paper. However i am ready. My only reservation about teaching is; only being 18 are people going to listen to me? Then again they will listen regardless if they respect you. We set our own parameters so don't set small ones.

I'm now at the point of the top of the cliff. I've climbed and climbed now that little voice is saying 'jump'. I will have to sort a couple of things out first but my journey is just starting. I hope you will be with me on it.

Now i was thinking as a kind of niche that everyone else probably does; is to just have a song that can link with the article, now seeing as i'm just waiting to get to where i want to go this would probably work even if its just the title that fits...