First Steps

I'm on my way. Going to be knocking out some cliches for this one. This is the first step of the rest of my life. It truly is. Whatever happens these coming weeks will become part of my story. Part of my history. It will be something to tell the future friends/children/grandchildren. I am so scared. Its unbelievable in less than a year i have gone from leaving college and working at Domino's, to travelling, to come back, finding a job, moving house, getting fired and becoming an English teacher. All the while my heart yearning to travel and go back to Cambodia.

Time moves so fast eh? I remember going to sleep in November thinking like a small child on Christmas eve: 'It's never going to come around.' Now on the eve of leaving i still think it's not going to happen! Or is that just me getting cold feet and not wanting to leave the friendly, comfortable faces? Or is it that i feel i still have some goodbyes to say? Well it's too late because it is happening now. It'd be kind of embarrassing to turn around and stay just because of some jitters. I know at the moment this is just my body wanting me to stay in the comfort zone but i know when i get there and hook up with people things will start to become more comfortable and relaxed. I think also lying on the beach will help a bit. Just a bit.

Well now that's it. Time for me to go and start life. These past couple of weeks have been filler days. Just waiting and doing nothing apart from playing football which is fine by me. However most of it was just getting up, meandering around then going to sleep. I hate that routine. It's time to go and grab that routine and move it to another country. So all in all thanks England, i'll see you around...

Ending this one with how i started it: