Introducing.... Gregory Preston Tesol Cert. After 3 months and 4 days in a school I'm a qualified English teacher with some letters after my name. How's that? I know it's a bit different to a uni course and I can't teach in a proper school only language schools. However it does show you can get a qualification in a short amount of time without having to pay through the nose for it.

Now that's done it's a couple more goodbyes and it's time to take the first wobbly step. How am I feeling? Excited just about. Almost unbearably nervous. Which I can understand as it is huge. It's the biggest thing I've ever done. Let's put it in perspective for a moment, up until this point I've gone on a holiday for two-three weeks every year, travelled by myself on an aeroplane twice, gone to school and gone to work. Now I've decided to do this. Move to a completely different country, no language and get a job. All at 18. I only just learnt how to use the bleedin' washing machine!

The goodbyes are hard some of which I haven't managed to do in person which is annoying but England will always be here I guess. Unless some of those people do a me and bugger off to another country then I can always come and see them. If they do bugger off to another country then you're getting me to come and visit. There are so many places I need to go and Cambodia seems like a safe start. Well as safe as it can be. I'm sure some people want me to stay in the country, study some A levels and the go to uni with them. By the time I've finished that I'll be at least 23, starting to look at long term relationships and then life slips away before you know it.

So to take a quote out of Nike's book I'm gonna 'just do it.'

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