The tragedy of Pattaya

For all it's beautiful beaches, great restaurants, beachside cafés and cheap shopping, Pattaya has a much darker side to it. The town and to an extent, the country, is in such poverty that beautiful women who to survive have to let old westerners be with them. 

The poverty, we as tourists do not see. All we see are the shops and the huge high rise eye sores going up. These women who will unfortunately never see any better in their lifetimes. I mean Pattaya's big attraction is the 'Walking Street' which is another word for strip clubs and cheap beer. Old westerners flock here to try and relive their youth. They all coming crawling out at night when everything starts up. I was on the beach earlier chillaxing and relaxing all cool but I was the only one there. As it's too hot for these people to come out. All they do is sit in an air-conditioned bar and drink. Then look gobsmacked as I walk past whether that's because I'm young,white or alone I don't know. It's such a shame but if I was in the same situation? I don't know what I'd do. If I was a women, in this culture, you'd probably be brought up to do it, to survive, get nice things and money. It is depressing when you hear these old men say 'shut up and look pretty.' That's in public! I can't imagine what may go on in private. Then again I suppose that at least they talked to each other. Most don't have a grasp on the English language so just sit in silence drinking or both parties talk to their own nationalities. 

Many of the women I see are far too good for the men. Today I saw what looked like 20 year old girl with at least a 60 year old, if not older, man. It is appalling. I have been offered to go with multiple of these types of women or maybe lady boys...some are too hard to distinguish the difference between! I just smile and say no because it creates laziness in these people if everything is offered why should they get educated or get a job. That is the only solution I can think of to rectify this awful situation. On the other hand English is a hard language, not enough money to pay for school, can't then learn English, no English no job's a vicious circle. One that is hard to get out of. 

It's not all bad though Pattaya really is lovely. Last night I went looking for somewhere to eat that was cheap. It's still only £5 most of the time but it all adds up, so I wanted it to be a bit cheaper than that. So I went for some local knowledge. A taxi driver. These guys usually will take you somewhere where they get to eat for free for bringing a customer. So thought I was helping out. I said to the fella 'need eat somewhere, no money' trying to get across that I wanted it to be cheap. After he had a conversation with his mate in clicks and smacks with me interjecting multiple times 'no money, need food.' They then stopped talking for a while, I thought I had been forgotton. All of a sudden he says '20 baht' (their currency) 'go to 7/11' and proceeds to give me 20 baht. I couldn't believe it! These guys who work all day for a pittance wanted to give me money! I said no and tried to use more difficult language this time. 
'Need eat, small money, cheap' 
'ahhhh' they say 
'Left,5 minutes, cheap food in big shop.' 
Sorted. Ended up having this...

Felt like I was in Indiana Jones with the spots of red and floating things in the soup. Wasn't particularly nice to be honest. Well I know what I won't be having next time...moral of the story:don't eat that and people who don't have much are still willing to give more. 

Anyway these lovely, compassionate and beautiful people deserve better but until they or Thailand somehow fixes itself this will continue. Only time will tell. Then again if they are happy and in love who am I to judge? But by the looks on a lot of the Thai girls faces they aren't very happy to be honest. I am sure there are possibly some that are genuinely happy and to those particular relationships I shall not judge them. 

After the beach relaxation and swimming in the 18 degree water to cool off. Funny to think just a couple of days ago that was t-shirt and shorts weather in England! Are you jealous yet?
I went to some temples and a viewpoint. Not one westerner to be seen at the temples. Too far, too hot and not enough bars to get drunk in. Only saw a few at the viewpoint. As I walked upto the point i got my photo taken, presumably security. Checking who has come in and out. The view was astounding. Pictures taken here and there. As I walked out after admiring the scenery, the guard, who took my photo, stopped me. Here we go, asking for money, I thought. Turns out the photo of me walking in looking gormless as I looked at the view mouth agape catchin' flies, sweating heavily had gone onto a commemorative plate. A plate. What am I meant to do with that? 'You can hang it up' the guard says. Why would I want to hang up a picture sorry, plate of me looking like an absolute numpty? Most photos have that covered anyway! Then went on my longest journey yet on a moto to these temples. My moto driver was good except for the moments when he crossed his heart randomly and then taking his phone out of his pocket to answer a call. Anyhow as you can see went around these beautiful structures with little to nobody to around. As no one sees Pattaya as having anything of cultural importance. Well to be technically correct it doesn't because the temples were about 30 minutes away. That was long nut burstin' journey on the bumpy roads. However I did look like a badass with my ray bans, retro helmet and gripping on to the bike for dear life...

 This was done for the Kings 50th anniversary of his coronation. Can't see that happening on the white cliffs of Dover. 
Incredible structure
Buddha- aptly named big Buddha 
Pattaya viewpoint
Not a bad day to go with it. 

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