Delve into Teaching

Well another week over. I really cannot believe this. I remember when Mum said that she wanted me to have something to go to for when I got there for her peace of mind. My immediate reaction was 'pfft, she doesn't know what she's talking about.' As it got closer to the time I was becoming more and more glad that she had said to book this. As you know what? I am really happy that I did this. Somewhere to sleep and eat for six weeks to be able to set up a base of operations and organise anything from there on out. 

Last week was Sihanoukville where it rained and that was about it. The other volunteers went out in the club next door whilst I managed to sit and watch my first World Cup match which was Uruguay-Costa Rica I think. Then we left the next day. I didn't really like Sihanoukville but perhaps it was because of the rain, hotel and only being there one day. Phnom Penh has a lot more going on. Then again Phnom Penh doesn't have a beach! Whilst I was wandering down the beach, I did manage to snap this shot whilst sat on a coconut. 
Coconut Shot

Then it was back to Phnom Penh on a funny mini bus ride with the other volunteers who had to shoot back to the Orphanage, whilst the rest of us, sat and chilled. Me knowing the next day I was back at the place that I really enjoy. Somewhere I got excited to be at. Somewhere where I was getting fulfilled. Somewhere where I can muck around and learn whilst these kids learn from me. Whilst chilling I was getting worried because I was running out of things for my students to learn. We managed to scrap through this short week (Public holiday on Wednesday) however next week will be tougher. I'm sure I'll think of something. This week I did get them doing postcards. So I had to find somewhere where they sold them for a cheap price. I hadn't seen any apart from the professional ones that cost $1 a shot and I needed 27! In the search I accidentally came across Cambodia's equivalent of Iceland though. It was a huge supermarket at the back of a shopping mall and everyone working was so uninterested, shelves half stacked, other places empty and sticky and workers just sat chatting. After that life experience I did find some old dusty ones in the back of a shop that I managed to get for $10. Sorted. So the next day I explained and they were all very excited!...As you can imagine they had the enthusiasm of a lethargic giraffe to write English to someone they didn't know ( My kids aren't excited about writing only talking it, same with me and khmer so I can understand), I think there was a bit of lost in translation but I eventually got across I was going to send these home and then they were more excited about it. Finally! So I got them to do it. A lot were very similar to each other, as they copy all the time. Same as me at school with German to be honest. Here they just shout 'Lok Pa! Lok Pa! He/she look!' They have just started to call me 'Lok Pa'  Lok is a respect thing similar to Mr. and Mrs. Whilst Pa is father. So it's nice to know they do really like me. Anyway they were a written and will hopefully be sent home this weekend. So have fun with that Mum when 27 postcards turn up on your doorstep! 
My morning class
My afternoon class

The night before the public holiday was a volunteer teacher's birthday. So we went on a boat and drank which ended up being fairly messy and ended up at karaoke which is a great night out for Cambodians as I found out. Sorry Ma! However then on the public holiday me and another volunteer-Mel decided we would go to Russian Market and have a wander. We did some shopping but it was very hot and stuffy. I bought two Khmer phrase books, so it's starting to get serious my language learning! After that it was two more great days teaching. This weekend it's saying goodbye to some volunteers and general oddjobs such as rewriting my cv to focus on the English teaching. Eek! 
Russian Market-Food section