The beauty of Cambodia

After a dreadful border crossing. Well not dreadful as it was quick and easy to get through when you know how to not get conned. Through and done in 30 minutes. The dreadful part was the other side waiting for a bus. Got to the bus station at 12 didn't leave it till 5. I paid extra to get on a minibus at 3 because I didn't want to wait any longer. Got on it then told we had to wait for three more people. Okay no worries. Fell asleep thinking by the time I wake up we will be on the road. At 4.30 woke up to an open revolt to the people who didn't want to pay the extra 100 baht (£2) to get on the minibus. I paid because I knew this free big bus was never gonna turn up. Or if it would then it would only leave when the border closed at 10. Then it would be 5 hours till I'd get to siam reap. So no bother, 100 baht I'm not using it in Cambodia. People got angry, very angry.  French people screaming, drunk Australians, swearing Cambodians. Not a great introduction to Cambodia for people who had never been here before. I hope they realise it wasn't there fault just the Thai people who took us to the border saying the big bus leaves at 2:30 then proceeding to scam most people  so everyone was very wary of paying extra. The heat didn't help. 

I also want these people to realise that Cambodia is a beautiful country. There smiles just light up their whole face and they are all just lovely. For example today whilst writing this I am on a bus going to Phnom Penh and we just stopped off at a restaurant for a break. Fairly expensive $4 for a burger. So I wasn't buying anything just stood inside cooling off. Then this guy has these weird berry type things. Intrigued I take a look and he says do you want some? Never a person to be a fussy git. I took the plunge. Salty and juicy very...okay. Bit like blueberries but less refreshing and more salty with a big seed inside it. I had a fair few but they were completely happy to share in their own restaurant. Never asked for money, all smiles. It's things like that which is why I love Cambodia. Just genuine happiness and a what's mine is yours mentality. 

I've been in Phnom Penh for a few days now just relaxing mostly and playing football. Most is as I remember and do you know what? I love it. I really do. I had second thoughts when I was leaving that it was all just the holiday Greg thinking that it was brilliant. However it wasn't (thankfully) it truly was my heart that loved Cambodia. Whether after I start my volunteer work it will be as lovely from the stress of teaching. Although I think it'll be even better, as I'll start to become a part of a community and I won't be spending as much money!

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