Job Hunting and a Birthday

Well my first week of independent living is over. Pretty easy all in all. Slightly boring as well seeing as I haven't got a job but that's beside the point. 

I predominately email schools in the morning and then mid afternoon I go and play football for a couple of hours. Come back and find a place to eat for less than a dollar or two. Then go, sit and chat with the locals to improve my khmer. It's a simple life but I enjoy it. No stress, just general slow paced living. 

Everyday I'll spend around 6 dollars for food which ain't bad going for three meals and some snacks. Noodle soup in the morning, a kebab or a sandwich thing that I'm unsure to what it is has in it but it's spicy and has cucumber. Then fried rice and a meat in the evening. All washed down with water that I get free from my hotel. Then at dinner I drink ice tea which I don't particularly like but it's free so I might as well. As I said it's a simple life with not much to write home about. 

The other interesting thing this week is that I turned 19!! Only one more year mum and you won't have any grotty teenagers left. I didn't do much because it landed on a Thursday, did my usual routine and then one of my khmer friends took me out for some food and drink which was nice. However the thing that annoyed me most was that the little buttery cake I bought myself to celebrate with was eaten by ants but never mind I hope they enjoyed it! 

This weekend with the money my relatives gave me I have bought a bicycle and named it Floyd after the Pink Floyd song 'Bike' I didn't particularly want to call it 'Pink' or 'Bike' so Floyd fit best. Now I need a helmet and a lock for it and it's good to go. I did go on a tour with it around the city in a baptism of fire and everything went beautifully till I realised I went the wrong way down a one way street for about 10 blocks. Quickly scuttled off of that road. All in all fairly safe! 

As I say I haven't done much so can't write much. Have a little look at Floyd in all his blue beauty. 

Although in the time it has taken me to write this me and Floyd have had a falling out. The front wheel started to make some noise as I rode. Which was really irritating. So I stopped and checked it out to no avail. So later as I was riding along the noise still being made I thought the best course of action was to kick the front wheel. Whilst still on the bike. This went fantastically as you can imagine. My flip flop came off and got jammed in the spokes my toes still hurt. Then Floyd was on the floor. Get my flip flop back and it's all come undone, fix that then take a closer look at the front wheel it just turns out the guard had slipped and was catching it to make a noise. All sorted not without a small misunderstanding first.