Well, well, well...

A couple of weeks into the job now. Going swimmingly, maybe apart from getting bitten by the young kindergartens, life's pretty good or is it?

Generally it really is, but yesterday morning I had a two hour meeting with the faculty (how much of an adult do I sound?) outlining future objectives and what have you and I feel slightly overwhelmed, I think I will to talk to my boss. If I get in tomorrow. 

Yesterday I got paid half a paycheck as I've only been there two weeks. So that was nice. As a slight celebration I've always said to my self I would have a British fry up when I got paid. So I did. Unfortunately this led to me having some pretty awful food poisoning. I'm getting better now but boy did I feel awful. I slept from 8-7. Interrupted by trips to the toilet. It was all over by 12 but to me it felt like years that it had lasted and then it was still an interrupted nights sleep.

So I hope to go to school tomorrow but I'll give them a ring, they say you should wait 48 hours before coming into school if you've thrown up but if it's food poisoning I'm not infectious so I can work surely? Well we'll find out. 

My football shoes that I play with here are breaking so I decided I would buy ones that everyone else wears. Went and found some and had a massive group of khmer people surround me, because I was speaking khmer. So they all got excited, so I bought this pair that felt a little bit too small but they were size 9. So I go to football but take my others just in case. I wear them and realise that they are diabolical! No cushioning and crushing my feet. So I thought I'd give them away. As a lot of people can't afford to buy shoes so play barefoot. In the end I gave them to my friend. He was as happy as Larry. I was then rewarded by being ill! Trying to change the world, one happy person at a time. 

Not much too add apart from now on I'm going full native and not having western meals, I mean I generally didn't anyway but after that affair I'm not going to have any. 

I wrote that and went and bought some Pringles because I was feeling sorry for myself. They tasted like crap. SO from now on I will be not be having western meals!