Well wowee! Have I got a lot to write about! Mum came and went. It was lovely, she completely understood why I want to be out here. Which made me happier within myself as it kind of justified it again, that I'm not crazy and it is okay for a person to move away, just as much as it is okay to live in England, some of us are born to follow a different path. 
Meeting mum and being with her did make me miss home a little bit. Those home comforts of speaking back at a higher tempo, of asking someone to do something  or what have you. It made me miss just the little things that are hard to come by out here or are just stupidly expensive. 
It was lucky then that for Christmas....that...I went home!! Most of you already know this by now. It was really really...cold and of course, lovely. It was a strict schedule I had to keep to. Not much choice in it either if I wanted to meet everyone. So I got back on the 22nd after a rather long flight...eurgh! Got picked up at the airport by my friends to keep the ruse going, went around with them for the day and then went to Uxbridge for a drug-deal esqu handover from my friends to my mum. Car to car. No messin' about. 
Afterwards I met my grandparents and my sister! It was brilliant! I've not seen my gran move so fast in years. Teary-eyed reunion. 
Immediately the next day I shot up to Bury for another reunion (you're gonna get sick of this word) with my father. Had a lovely Christmas with him and then we tried to go and see my other grandparent but unfortunately it snowed and we had no chance of getting over to Chesterfield. Afterwards I rejoined my Mum and her partner to go to her house in Shropshire on the Welsh border for a couple of days. Then on the Monday, I went to Portsmouth on the coast and had a reunion again with my other sister which was fantastic! Then shot up to London to see my brother and stay at his and use his house as a base of operations until I went back. So in the meantime until I went home I saw my friends for New Years which is my first proper New Years doing something and for it to be exciting and fun. Afterwards on the second the day before I left we went a big family reunion with which I haven't got enough adjectives to describe how it was. Let's just say very very good however it was much more than that. Then on the third I was on my way back, flight was delayed but it was well worth it because I was on an A380, it was really cool!! Top class service. The delay meant I thought there was going to be some squeaky bum time in the transfer but in the end there was no problem. 
All in all it was a beautiful holiday, back to the home country. Although it was a bit hectic! Never seen so much of England in such a short space of time! It was nice to fulfil the itches that were needing to be scratched. I may have returned to Cambodia with a suitcase full of Jaffa cakes, Haribo and After Eights. Only half a box of Jaffa cakes left eek! 
On my return, my tuk tuk was ready, the language was familiarly unfamiliar. I immediately went and played football which in hindsight may have not been the most wisest of decisions but it was nice to see my friends again. Due to the change of climate I got rather ill, luckily I had a day off on the Wednesday due to another of Cambodia's holidays. 
Bought a new bicycle so am now doing everything off my own back again which is nice. Back into the swing of things and all sorted for the upcoming year. Very excited to see what this year brings if it's anything like the last, it's going to be even better. 

I'm sorry I didn't manage to see everyone but I hope that the next time I come back I'll be able to see you! Good luck to everyone! I'll see you on the next one. 

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This was the only photo I took on my phone the whole time... So please enjoy looking at me and my sister.