The CISC family

I wrote this once and it got deleted so let's go through it again. The lovely, wonderful and dysfunctional CISC family.

I worked at that school for two years and I'll have memories for a lifetime. I'm not going to go through all of them. As you haven't the time nor do I have the patience or writing skills to do them justice.

The students were, of course, lovely. There are the ones you didn't particularly enjoy teaching as they were difficult but they could also be the most rewarding some days.

The first year was a massive learning curve for myself in a school environment and it was such a far cry from working in the volunteer school. I certainly didn't think the year before I left England that in a few short months I would have been the a teacher and main speaker at school events of an international school. How incredible is that? At 19, I was writing and presenting performances for the school. This continued through to my second year. I ended up doing 5 or 6 events in total. Even at one point dancing! Although I don't think they plan to do that again!

In the classroom I learnt a fair bit. How to teach, how to not teach. What to do and what not to do. Then because they saw something I got a contract to be a primary homeroom teacher which means teaching everything else.

I got very worried the day before school started because I thought I was going to let these kids down and get found out. I think I did right by them in the end though. I tried my hardest and they got through it. With my silly antics and all sorts of stupidity! The first year was a learning curve. The second year was a year of maturing. Rapidly. Having to constantly care for children. Constant worry about 'are they okay?' 'Do they need anything?' I once read that nowadays would-be parents forget that when you have a child, you no longer come first. Try having 6. 6th in line for everything. However it was wonderful as they pick up some of your traits and mannerisms. They essentially become mini yous and it is really nice. Maybe my siblings wouldn't appreciate having 6 mini mes running around. I did though!

Other than that though the students were just a small part. What made it worth going to school were the staff. My colleagues. They were always supportive. Always helpful. Always there. If you had a question they'd help. There was no backstabbing office politic rubbish. If you needed help they would be there for you. My morning chats with one certain member of staff. The jokes with the others. It's something I will miss in the day to day. There was so much comradery. Something I will miss in the coming years. I really want to thank each and every one of you. Enjoy the next school year.

It's a bit jumbled and not as nice as my previous version. But we'll go with it. I haven't got a link today. However I do know in the next couple of weeks with my return to England. I will be writing a lot as a type of therapy.

See you on the next one.