Originally from Crawley, West Sussex in England, Coach Andy started coaching football in 1995 with an under 8's team who by then had been playing together for over a year without a single win. However the self taught young man, with little previous experience in playing football as a kid, brought a huge amount of enthusiasm and self belief to his players and parents alike and within the first two weeks, had managed to win their first match together. Coach Andy continued to build the squad on and off the pitch, enjoying many social events together including taking them to watch Premiership matches and to bowling days to produce one of the finest teams in the South East.

After a successful year together, Coach Andy realised that he could put his beliefs and ideas into a larger plan of running his own club and by the second year had started a new club in Crawley which has since grown into one of the largest youth clubs in Sussex.

Maidenbower Colts FC grew and Andy, with his team of amazing parents turned coaches, continued to teach children football through Fun, Fun, Fun. 

Andy believes that whatever the child's current ability, through enthusiasm, confidence, discipline and FUN, every child has the potential to grow into anything they want to be. Football may not be the end choice for them, but it is definitely the beginning of an amazing life, for each and every child who goes through one of Coach Andy's Football programmes. Coach Andy, after nearly 25 years of coaching in Europe, USA and now Asia is currently living and working in Cambodia, where he continues to change lives for the better, no matter the background.



In 2014, I went to Cambodia with the aim of doing something. I didn't quite know what at the time but I knew I wanted to achieve. For the first couple of months it was, admittedly, tough. However I knew I was missing something so seeing as I hadn't really played football in those first few months, I decided to find out where I could play. It just so happened that my residence was near the stadium so I made my way over to it to see if locals were playing football and they were! Cue me playing football everyday and getting into some of the local 5 a side teams and playing with them for a year or so. What I was missing had been found and that was football!

At this time I realised that there is a hunger for football in Cambodia in adults and children alike but no direction to it unless you are in one of the professional teams' academies. So I knew I wanted to begin coaching football but had no idea where to start. Meanwhile my Khmer teacher was friendly with an organisation who were starting out on their football journey and wanted a coach. He was originally the one doing it all but didn't know how to progress and he knew about my love for football and thirst for coaching so asked me to take over. So it began with one organisation  and me coaching them and the players came.

Originally, I charged the players for the privilege of the practice - it helped me with the cost of things. I hated asking and I was always reluctant to.  So I decided to make it so if they wanted to help pay they could and if they did, great, if they didn't not to worry. I carried out this practice for six months. Training on a Sunday morning and a Tuesday evening with matches during the week between practices. Eventually, in 2015/16 decided I needed to come back to England for a while and I let my friend Andy continue on with the good work I had started. I went back over to Cambodia in Christmas 2016 and I realised there was an opportunity to do something big so I came to England with an objective that needed to be completed: start Football for Kampuchea and begin the journey back out to Cambodia.